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June 2021: BRL's COVID detection featured in The Hill, Phys.Org, AzoNano, Science-Daily, Indian-Express, and several other places.

June 2021: Congratulations to Lan Nguyen on her paper on COVID S-protein detection via graphene phononics. Congrats also to Sungjoon Kim and Garrett Lindemann. [Link]

April 2021: Congratulations to Ali Yazdi on our new paper on flow-induced local doping in graphene that appeared in ACS Nano. [Link]

April 2021: Congratulations to Hisham Maddah, Anmole Jhaly and Sanjay on a new book chapter. [Link]

March 2021: Our collaboration with Prof. Ganesh Nayak of IIT-Dhanbad, India resulted in a paper in Composite B. [Link]

March 2021: Our collaboration with Prof. Sangil Kim's group resulted in a paper in Advanced Functional Materials. [Link]

March 2021: Our collaboration with Prof. Lucy Shi's group resulted in a paper in Semiconductor Science and Technology. [Link]

Feb 2021: Congratulations to Sanjay Behura on our new paper in ACS AMI on organophilicity of graphene oxide for enhanced wettability of ZnO nanorods. [Link]

June 2020: Congratulations to Deisy on her new paper on 3D Printing of graphene for on-demand electronic devices. The paper appears in Scientific Reports.

Mar 2020: Congratulations to Sheldon for winning the Chancellor's Student Service Leadership Award (CSSLA),
and Deisy for winning the Jane Addams Distinguished Service Award!!









Feb 2020: Deisy receives the Presidential Postdoc position at Brown University. Congratulations!









Feb 2020: BRL is featured on the video, "What is Chemical Engineering", produced by the college of engineering of UIC. Link










Nov 2019: Dr. Berry, Nicky, Deisy, and Sheldon give presentations at AIChE, Orlando FL.











Nov 2019: Congratulations to Rousan on his post-doc offer from Lund University, Sweden!







Nov 2019: Congratulations to Chen Wang and Songwei on their High Impact Awards,
and Sheldon on his Poster Award from the Anual Graduate Research Symposium!







Oct 2019: Deisy gives presentation at Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), Honolulu, HI.








Oct 2019: Congratulations to Nicky on her post-doc offer from University of Chicago!




Oct 2019: Sheldon gives a poster presentation at ISMET on Geobacter/Graphene Interfaced Microbial Fuel Cell.









Sep 2019: Sheldon and Nicky present their work on Microbial Fuel Cells to prospective students during the 2019 Open House.









Aug 2019: BRL celebrates Dr. Berry's birthday in the Engineering Innovation Building. Happy Birthday Dr. Berry!









Aug 2019: Congratulations to Chen on successfully defending his PhD!









Jul 2019: Sheldon gives a presentation at ECEE 2019 on Geobacter/Graphene Interfaced Microbial Fuel Cell.







Jul 2019: BRL publishes a paper in Nanoletters on Graphene's Wrinkle-Selective Functionalization with Odom group. Congrats to Shikai, Songwei, and Nicky!

Jun 2019: Berry gives talk at Graphene 2019, Rome, on Non-destructive graphene functionalization and nanointerfacing.

Jun 2019: Berry gives talk at University of Manchester, on Chemical/Structural modification of 2D Nanomaterials and their heterostructures.

Apr 2019: BRL participated in the 2019 Spring Materials Research Society. Nicky presents ‘Increased electron transport inside microbial fuel cell through interfacing graphene with geobacter’ & ‘Quantum capacitance based amplified graphene phononics for studying neurodegenerative diseases’

Mar 2019: BRL participated in AIChE Midwest Regional Conference. Nicky and Hisham give talks and demonstrations.

Mar 2019: BRL research featured in UIC Chemical Engineering News. Congrats to Deisy!

Jan 2019: BRL publishes a paper in Nature Photonics on Graphene/Semiconductor Heterojunction Sheds Light on Emerging Photovoltaics. Big congrats to Sanjay Behura, Chen, and Yu!

Dec 2018: BRL research featured in THE HINDU, EurekAlert!. Congrats to Nicky!

Nov 2018: BRL publishes a paper in ACS Applied Material Interfaces on Quantum Capacitance Based Amplified Graphene Phononics for Studying Neurodegenerative Diseases. Congrats Nicky!

Nov 2018: BRL publishes a paper in Nanoscale on ‘Strain in Single-Wrinkle on MoS2 Flake for in-Plane Realignment of Band-Structure for Enhanced Photo-Response. Congrats Shikai!

Nov 2018: Congratulations to Songwei on successfully defending her PhD!

Oct 2018: BRL participated in AIChE-2018 at Pittsburgh.

Oct 2018: Congratulation to Meghan (Natechanok Yutthasaksunthorn) on successfully defending her MS degree on phosphorene stability.

Oct 2018: ChE Department organized Industry Day.

Oct 2018: BRL participated in the ISMET conference in Minneapolis on microbial fuel cells.

Oct 2018: BRL publishes a paper in Nanoscale on WS2-Induced Enhanced Optical Absorption and Efficiency in Graphene/Silicon Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells. Congrats Rousan and Sanjay! [LINK]

Sep 2018: Berry presented at Illinois Ignit.

Sep 2018: BN protonation work was featured in several news portal: DESIGN-NEWS, PHY-ORG, SPACE-DAILY, SOLID-STATE-TECHNOLOGY, and many others.

Sep 2018: BRL publishes a paper in ACS Nano on Protonation of BN to exfoliate BN sheets and to functionalize them with different nanoscale and molecular entities. [LINK]

Aug 2018: BRL's 'Trickle-Down Graphene' featured in several news portals. [AZONANO, NDTV]

sc2 NComm



July 2018: Nano Today paper. Congratulations to Shikai on his new paper on wrinkles in 2D Nanomaterials in Nano Today. [LINK]

July 2018: ACS-AMI Paper. Congratulations to Phong and Sanjay on a new paper on carbon radical diffusion based graphene-synthesis in ACS-AMI. [LINK]

June 2018: BRL receives funding from Office of Naval Research to work on microbial fuel cells.

May 2018: BRL receives funding from industry on high-temperature photovoltaic devices. Congrats to Sanjay Behura, PI.

May 2018: Congrats to T. S. Sreeprasad on his new position as an Assistant Professor at UT El Paso

April 2018: BRL participated on International Symposium on Functional Materials. Berry delivered a Keynote address.

Feb 2018: Congratulations to Deisy Arrington on winning the NSF-GROW award to travel to France (CNRS)

Jan 2018: BRL's work on cancer detection selected as one of the 9 amazing applications of graphene by Yahoo! [Link]

Dec 2017: BRL (UIC), UT-Austin, IIT-Dhanbad, and Punjab University received funds for a new Indo-US Network Center [LINK]

Dec 2017: BRL (UIC), IIT-Kanpur and Punjab University receives funds via Indo-US Bilateral Workshop Program to organize ISFM 2018 [LINK]

Nov 2017: Berry and Behura give invited talks at MRS

Nov 2017: Berry participates in groundbreaking of our new building

Oct 2017: BRL presents at AIChE

Oct 2017: Congratulations to Shikai Deng (now Dr. Deng) on successfully defending his PhD! 6 publications + 2 submitted; 3 Awards; 101 citations; 4.0 GPA and ready for post-doc with Prof. Teri Odom (Northwestern)

June 2017: BRL and UIC organized the Women in Engineering Summer workshop on photovoltaics. [LINK]

June 2017: BRL publishes a paper on 'ring-centered' functionalization of graphene and photovoltaic enhancement in Nano Letters. Congrats to Songwei and others! This is Songwei's first paper as a first author. Congrats! [LINK]

May 2017: Nature India publishes a feature article on our recent work on BN growth and its potential in graphene electronics.

May 2017: Congrats to (Prof.) Sreeprasad, the third alumni from BRL to enter academic. He joins University of Toledo as Research Assistant Professor.

May 2017: Berry receives three new patents: [IMAGE]

April 2017: BRL published a paper on direct BN grown and its heterostructure with graphene in ACS Nano. Congrats Sanjay and others! [LINK]

April 2017: BRL research featured in Medical News Today.

March 2017: BRL's work accepted to appear in Science Advances Today [LINK].

March 2017: UIC News showcases Berry and Mehta in its "East Meets West" section: See Page 7 in UIC NEWS.

Feb 2017: Berry gave a talk at Prof. Behura's class on 2D Nanomaterials [LINK].

Feb 2017: Berry gave a talk at the ST-2D Nanomaterials Conference at UCF [LINK]

Jan 2017: BRL publishes an article on Adhesion of MoS2 on silicon based substrates. Congratulations to Shikai Deng! [LINK]

Dec 2016: BRL's work on cancer cell detection featured in The Engineer, New Atlas, AIChE's ChE-Connect, Digital Trends, and several other news portals.

Nov 2016: BRL publishes an article on detection of cancer cell’s hyperactivity modifying the second-order overtone of in-plane phonon vibration energies of interfaced graphene. Congrats to Nicky on her first article. [LINK]

Nov 2016: BRL delivers 5 presentations (actually 8) at AIChE - 2016.

Oct 2016: Berry's Podcast on Microbe Magazine (Start at 4:30).




Sept 2016: Phong Nguyen Defends his PhD. 8 papers, 2 patents, NSF-ICORP Lead. What a great PhD!!

Aug 2016: BRL publishes an article on hierarchical wrinklons on metal thin-films atop silicone oil. Congrats to Shikai Deng, the lead author! [LINK]

Aug 2016: BRL featured in The Economist!




July 2016: Graphene wrinkling via bacteria featured in The Engineer, Science Daily, AzoNano, Agetime, and several more.

July 2016: BRL published a new paper in ACS Nano on graphene wrinkling via bacteria. Congrats Shikai! [LINK]

July 2016: In FY 15, BRL was granted three patents: [Patent 1] [Patent 2] [Patent 3]

July 2016: #CHEUIC Education Video!


June 2016: Congrats to Kai-Chih for successfully defending his MS Project.

May 2016: BRL participated in Argonne National Lab's graphene symposium.

May 2016: Great #CHEUIC graduation ceremony.

Apr 2016: #CHEUIC participated in design expo.

Apr 2016:


Apr 2016: BRL participated in UIC Research Forum.

Apr 2016: Berry visted Argonne National Laboratory to give a talk. [LINK]

Mar 2016: #CHEUIC has its Alumni mixer event.

Mar 2016: BRL's work on electrical transport through a percolating network of graphene and BN mixed platelets published in ACS - Applied Materials and Interfaces. [LINK]

Nov 2015: Berry quotes for the Microbe Magazine. [LINK]

Sep 2015: BRL's paper on graphene wrinkles, ripples and crumples accepted to appear in Materials Today [LINK]. Congrats to Shikai Deng on his first paper.

Sep 2015: BRL's work on large-area, oxide-assisted direct growth of BN, BN-MoS2 and BN-WS2 heterostructures to appear in JACS. Congrats to Sanjay Behura, Phong Nguyen, Songwei Che (first-time author), and Rousan Debbarma (first-time author). [LINK]

Sep 2015: A video showcasing the current NSF-CAREER funded research in Chemical Engineering at UIC.

Aug 2015: Deisy Arrington (PhD Candidate, Passage Scholar, Bridge Fellowship holder), Xin Yu (MS Candidate) and Yu Wen (MS Candidate) join BRL.

Aug 2015: Berry appointed as the Interim Department Head of Chemical Engineering at UIC.

June 2015: CIMTEC 2016 accepting abstract. Berry inducted in the International Advisory Board. [Link]

May 2015: Berry delivers a Keynote Lecture on 'Graphene Interfaced with Bio-Components' at ICREA Workshop on Graphene Biosensors in Barcelona, Spain.

Apr 2015: The Washington Post published an article featuring BRL's latest cyborg device, comparing it with Nanobots. Title: "Those Nanobots from 'The X-Files' are now a real thing".


My daughter (Bianca Berry, 5 years old) told me that Phineas and Ferb (Disney) also invented Nanobots.








Mar 2015: BRL's Cyborg NERD (Nano-Electro-Robotic-Device) featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Mar 2015: Graphene Cytobot work featured in several news portals: Science Daily, EE-Times, Popular Science, IEEE Spectrum, Motherboard, Science360, RedOrbit, NanoWerk, Gizmag, The Engineer, Extreme Tech, R&D Mag, eScience News, Phys Org, EurekaAlert!, Nanotechnology Now, and many others.

Mar 2015: CYTOBOTS ARE HERE: BRL describes a unique Graphene Device on top of a Spore, published in Scientific Reports! (NERD:Nano-Electro-Robotic-Device). [LINK]

Mar 2015: BRL's perspective by Behura and Berry on Non-Degenerate Doping of 2D Semiconductors (MoS2) published in ACS NANO. [LINK]

Feb 2015: BRL participated in the NSF-ICORP Program.

Jan 2015: Berry delivers a seminar at Illinois Tech. [LINK]

Jan 2015: Berry and Phong attended the NSF-ICORP workshop in San Francisco.

Jan 2015: SunEdison Semiconductors Inc., visits BRL.

Dec 2014: CALL FOR PAPER: Journal of Chemistry, Graphene Issue (Berry: Guest Editor): [LINK]

Dec 2014: Berry to deliver an keynote lecture at ICREA Workshop on Graphene Biosensors in Barcelona, Spain.

Dec 2014: Michael Amiridis, a Chemical Engineering Faculty will be UIC's next Chancellor: [LINK]

Dec 2014: Berry receives the UIC CURA award for mentoring undergraduate students in BRL.

Nov 2014: Berry and Seacrist granted patent (#8884310) on direct growth of graphene on arbitrary substrates. [LINK]

Nov 2014: BRL receives the NSF-ICORP award with Phong Nguyen as the Entreprenuer Lead and Melbs LeMieux (Founder C3Nano) as the Corporate Mentor. [LINK]

Nov 2014: Berry's commentary on proton permeation through graphene featured in "Science News". [LINK]

Nov 2014: Berry to travel to Atlanta for the AIChE conference for recruiting. UIC - ChE has an open position for Assistant/Associate/Full professor. [LINK]

Nov 2014: Dr. Sanjay Behura to join the group as a post-doctoral fellow.

Nov 2014: Phong, Donovan and Cody publish a paper in the Journal of Nanoscience Letters on MoS2 quantum dot arrays. [link]

Oct 2014: Berry gave an invited talk at ECS - Cancun.

Sept 2014: Donovan and Shikai publish a paper in ECS Transactions on MoS2 Functionalization.

Sep 2014: BRL received funding from SunEdison Semiconductors Inc.

Aug 2014: Berry appointed as an executive board member of the College of Engineering at UIC.

Aug 2014: Lab equipment moved to UIC.

Aug 2014: Roasan Debbarma, Songwei Che, Vedhika Parthasarthy, and Kai-Chih Chang join the group as graduate students. Roxanne Vitorillo joins the group as a CURA fellow. Welcome to the group.

June 2014: Berry enrolls in the 'Faculty in Residence' program at UIC.

May 2014: Lab gets ready to move to UIC.

Apr 2014: Berry Research Laboratory will be moving to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in Aug 2014. Berry has accepted a faculty position at UIC. Berry is currently an Adjunct Professor at UIC ( Labs: Nanotechnology Core Facility and Research Resource Center.

Mar 2014: Berry to deliver an invited talk at ECS - 2014 in September.

Dec 2013: Berry included in the editorial board of "Advanced Carbon". [LINK]

Nov 2013: Berry appointed as the associate editor of Journal of Nanoscience Letters.

Oct 2013: BRL's research featured in The Collegian. [LINK]

Oct 2013: Berry to deliver an invited talk at the Materials Research Society in San Francisco. [LINK]

Sep 2013: Berry to deliver an invited talk at the International Conference on Nano Science and Technology at Chandigarh. [LINK]

Sep 2013: Berry delivers a presentation on 2D Nanomaterials at the Brazil - Graphene conference in Buzios, Brazil. The activities included meetings with Dr. Ajay Sood, Dr. C. N. R. Rao, Dr. Eva Andrei, Dr. A. C. Ferrari, Dr. Marcos Pimenta, and Dr. Mauricio Terrones.




Sep 2013: BRL's work on interfacing capacitively coupled gold nanostructure on MoS2 featured in:

sc2 NComm NComm NComm NComm ACM and other portals

Aug 2013: BRL's paper to appear in Nano Letters. Topic: Gold nanoparticle functionalization on MoS2 sheets and their electrical and thermal property modulation. Congrats Prasad and Phong! [Link]

June 2013: Berry's book-chapter to appear in the book: Biosensors Based on Nanomaterials and Nanodevices (CRC Press).

May 2013: Berry's review article on graphene's impermeability appears in Carbon. [link]

May 2013: BRL's research on Graphene Quantum Dots Based Electron-Tunneling Sensors featured in: ScienceDaily, Physorg, eScienceNews, NanoWerk, Zee-News, DNA, and others.



April 2013: Berry delivered two invited talks at the ACS conference (New Orleans) on Graphene Nanoribbons and Graphene Wrapped Liquids.

April 2013: BRL delivered several presentations at the Spring MRS conference (San Francisco).

March 2013: BRL receives funding from Johnson Center for Cancer Research to study graphene-based cancer marker sensors.

March 2013: Berry appointed as a guest editor for the Journal of Nanomaterials and Molecular Nanotechnology.

March 2013: BRL's paper on graphene-quantum-dot based sensing published in Nano Letters. [Link]. BRL dedicates this paper to late Dr. Vasanta Pallem.

Feb 2013: BRL's 2010 paper on graphene's biocompatibility published in Advanced Materials has received 100 citations. [Link]

Feb 2013: BRL's 2009 paper on gold-snow-flakes on graphene published in ACS Nano has received 100 citations. [Link]

Jan 2013: Berry gave an invited talk to the Electrical Engineering Department's graduate students at KSU.

Oct 2012: BRL's review article on 'the effect of functionalization on graphene's electrical properties' appears in Small. [Link]

Oct 2012: Berry chaired a session on "Synthesis of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: Kinetics, Mechanisms and Reactor Design" at AIChE, Pittsburgh.

Sep 2012: Berry's video for the State of the University address by President Schulz


Sep 2012: Berry presents at University of Kansas, Physics Department

Aug 2012: BRL's research to be featured in Discovery Channel.




Aug 2012: 'Photonics Media' features BRL's work on graphene-cloaking on bacterial cells: Discussion Starts at 2 min 37 sec.


May 2012: BRL publishes in Nature Communications. Topic: Synthesis and Study of unique Graphene Nanostructures (squares, rectangles, triangles and nanoribbons). [link]




News: [K-State] [Phys-Org] [Overclock] [The Engineer] [NanoWerk] [AzoNano] [Next-Big-Future] [Red-Orbit] [ScienceNewsline] [NSF] [EE-Times]

May 2012: Prof. Ravi Saraf visits BRL and delivers a seminar. [picture]

May 2012: Berry delivers an invited talk at the ECS conference in Seattle, WA.

April 2012: Berry's work featured in K-State Perspective. [Link]

April 2012: BRL's research featured in a video by American Chemical Society: SEE THE VIDEO HERE

April 2012: Berry delivered an invited talk at the Materials Research Society - Spring Conference held at San Francisco, CA.

March 2012: Dr. Kabeer Jasuja - BRL alumni - will be joining the faculty of IIT-Gandhinagar. [Link]

March 2012: BRL's paper published in JPCL. [Link]

March 2012: Video released on BRL's project on bacterial wrapping with graphene for enhanced electron microscopy.


March 2012: BRL delivered 5 presentations at the APS meeting in Boston. Congratulations to Prasad, Phong and Alfredo.

Feb 2012: BRL's perspective article to appear in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Topic: Graphene's interfaces with biological cells.

Feb 2012: Berry delivered an invited talk at University of Arkansas.

Jan 2012: BRL publishes in Advanced Materials. Accepted. Topic: Graphene-Oxide Functionalization. [link]

Jan 2012: Berry's brief commentary to C&EN on a new paper: [link]

Dec 2011: Berry appointed as a member of the Editorial Board of the Nature Publishing Group's new journal: Scientific Reports. [link]




Nov 2011: Berry to deliver an invited talk at the ECS (The Electrochemical Society) conference to be held in Seattle in May 2012.

Nov 2011: Dr. T. Sreeprasad joins the group as a post-doctoral fellow. Welcome!

Oct 2011: Berry receives endowed-professorship title: William H. Honstead Professor of Chemical Engineering [link]

Oct 2011: BRL presents four talks at the AIChE conference in Minneapolis.

Oct 2011: BRL's 2010 JPCL paper on microwaved graphene-gold composite is amongst top 10 most-cited articles in JPCL [Link]. The paper has been selected as a HOT PAPER.

Presentation by Kabeer Jasuja
View another webinar from jpcoffice

Sep 2011: Berry delivered a plenary lecture at CNMM center at Tsinghua University, China [link]; and an invited talk at IIT-Delhi [link].

Aug 2011: Berry invited to give talks at Brown University (Oct' 11) and Virginia Tech (Nov' 11) [link].

Aug 2011: Berry invited to give a talk on graphene-science at the Materials Research Society meeting to be held in San Francisco in 2012.

July 2011: BRL work on bacterial wrapping featured in chemphyschem [link] and microscopy today [link].

June 2011: BRL receives funding support from Office of Naval Research to study the properties of tapered graphenic ribbons.




June 2011: Berry invited to give a plenary lecture at the 'International Workshop on Graphene: Impact of Deformation on Properties and Devices', to be held in Beijing, China in Sep'11 [link]

May 2011: BRL's 2008 Nano Letter paper on graphene-biodevice is amongst top 20 most-cited articles in Nano Letters (last 3 years). [Link]

May 2011: BRL's graphene-wrapping work featured in CEP.



May 2011: Berry's paper on 'modulating inter-nanoparticle tunnel junction via sound waves' has been accepted to appear in the journal Small.

May 2011: Congratulations to Kabeer Jasuja and Nihar Mohanty for being selected (amongst top 25 students from around the world) by the GSAS (Global School of Advanced Studies) to travel to Grenoble, France for the "Graphene Fundamentals and Applications" session. Kabeer will be joining the Northwestern University in Fall'11 as a postdoctoral fellow. [link]

April 2011: Congratulations to Nihar Mohanty for receiving the “Graduate Award for Outstanding Academics” by the Kansas State Alumni Association.

Mar 2011: BRL's work on graphene wrapping featured in newswise, medicine world, physorg, cosmos magazine, astrobio, and several other news portals.

Mar 2011: BRL receives funding support from a key silicon company to develop a process to grow large area graphene and manipulate its electronic structure.

Mar 2011: BRL presents research on molecular mechanics on graphene and graphene nanostructures at APS (Dallas).

Feb 2011: Berry gave an invited talk at University of Nebraska, Lincoln organized by Dr. Li Tan.

Jan 2011: BRL publishes in Nano Letters. Congrats Nihar. Special congratulations to Monica Fahrenholz for her first peer-reviewed paper. (link)

Jan 2011: Berry receives NSF CAREER award (2011) to study the processing and properties of Graphene Quantum Dots.


[Link at KSU]

Jan 2011: Phong Nguyen joins BRL as a PhD Student. Welcome! He is already developing molecular-mechanical detectors on graphene.

Nov 2010: BRL presents 6 talks at AICHE.

Oct 2010: BRL congratulates Drs Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov on winning the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics. Berry's interview with Wiley's ChemPhysChem: (link)


Aug 2010: Berry joins the Editorial Board of "Journal of Nanoscience Letters".

Aug 2010: BRL receives NSF award for the study of pi-functionalization of graphene (link)


Aug 2010: Berry presents an invited talk on graphene research at Singapore (Recent Advances in Graphene and Related Materials)

June 2010: BRL publishes in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congratulations Kabeer. Special congratulations to Joshua Linn and Steven Melton for their first paper as undergraduate students. (link)

April 2010: Berry receives Sigma Xi Outstanding Junior Scientist Award.

April 2010: BRL receives funding support from Terry C. Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research.

March 2010: BRL's presentation on hermetic bacterial wrapping featured in Nature News.



March 2010: BRL presented work on bacterial-wrapping, pi-pi interfacing, azo-actuation, and graphene reduction at American Physical Society meeting at Portland, OR.

Jan 2010: BRL's 4 papers accepted for APS March Meeting.

Nov 2009: BRL's work on graphene-gold featured in Chemical Engineering Progress.


Nov 2009: BRL presented 8 talks at AICHE '09 at Nashville. (link)

Oct 2009: BRL publishes a collaborative paper in Advanced Materials on the biocompatibility of graphene-TWEEN conjugate (link).

Oct 2009: BRL's work on graphene-gold hydrids featured in ScienceDaily, Physorg, Nanotech-Now, EE Times India and others.



Oct 2009: Berry invited to present his work at the "Recent Advances in Graphene" conference to be held at Singapore in Aug'10.

Sep 2009: BRL publishes a paper in Small on graphene dispersion. Congratulations Nihar. Special Congratulations to Ashvin & Jose for their first research paper as undergrads.

Aug 2009: BRL selected for equipment usage time at Brookhaven National Laboratory for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy with Dr. Peter Sutter.

Aug 2009: Berry receives Big-XII fellowship to visit and collaborate with UT-Austin's Dr. Rodney Ruoff.

July 2009: KSU and BRL receives the NSF MRI grant for the acquisition of an FESEM. [link]




July 2009: BRL receives an NSF grant to study Graphene Nanoribbons.



July 2009: BRL publishes a paper in ACS Nano on Gold/Graphene Interfacing. Congratulations Kabeer. [link]

June 2009: BRL organized a four-day summer 'track' for the EXCITE program for K-9 girls.

June 2009: Berry invited to present a paper on Graphene-Bacteria devices for the BACON conference in Boston.

April 2009: BRL's work on graphene-bio-interfacing featured on several Science News Sites

ScienceDaily, Nanotech-now, Phyorg, ScienceCentric, Reuters, Bio-Medicine, eScienceNews.



March 2009: Bacteria-graphene hybrid featured in Physics World News [link]

March 2009: BRL presented four talks and one poster at APS


Dec 2008: Congratulations to Nihar on his (first) paper in Nano Letters [link]

Nov 2008: Congratulations to Kabeer and Arthur on their (first) paper in Small [link]

Nov 2008: BRL presented two papers at AIChE.

Sep 2008: BRL presented a papers at the Trends in Nanotechnology conference in Spain.

Sep 2008: Berry joins the Scientific Advisory Board of All Results Journal - Nano [link]

July 2008: BRL organized a four-day summer 'track' for highschool girls via the KSU's EXCITE PROGRAM

Pictures 1 Picture 2

Nature Highlights: Vol 437, 27 October 2005. p 1210

Science News: Bionic Bacteria: Gold nanoparticles make gadgets of living microbes

Discover News: Building a Better World With Cyborg Bacteria

Royal Society of Chemistry: Gold-plated bacteria bring nanodevices to life

Molecular BioSystems (in Hot Off the Press): January 2006, Volume 2, page 16.

Also, October 22, 2005, Volume 168, page 259.

MRS Bulletin (Material Research Society): December 2005, Volume 30, page 926.

Chemical & Engr News (American Chemical Society): October 24, 2005, page 48


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